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Happy customers from Brazil sent us their photo, and this nice note

'We are from Brazil and loved our visit. We appreciate very much your kindness and we' ll recomend to our friends.

Regards to all.

Wellington and Venice.'

Fall 2013

One of our favorite suppliers,
Ron Cooke, from Reinhart Agar Foods
is making friends with
one of our large lobsters!


at Abbott's Lobster

June 2013

Our first visit on July 28th 2012,
just before a huge storm.

We LOVED dinner at Abbott's.

Doug, Anne, Noank & Mary
Monroe Township, NJ

I am sending a picture of my 2.5 year old niece enjoying her first Abbott's lobster.

She loved it, as you can tell from the picture.


Madison, CT

'In the event you missed the sky the other evening, we thought we would share our photo! Thanks for the delicious lobster. We can't wait to come back!'
- John & Toni, June 25 2012.

Abbott's Lobster in the Rough Opening Day Photos  -- May 4, 2012

Justice Mannino, John Tomkins, Ned Rock
Philadelphia, PA
Distance of 230 miles; Driving Time of 4 hours; These fellows arrived in Abbott's parking lot at 2AM!! "We changed the way the race is won!" - Ned Rock

Ali Hunnicut, Benjamin Fernandez & Jake Williamson
Hartford, CT
Distance of 60 miles; Driving Time of 1 hour; Arrived at 6AM!! Ali and Benjamin will be holding their wedding rehearsal dinner here at Abbott's in September. Jake will be the Best Man. Congratulations!!

Abbotts Open for the Season Winners
Steve & Arlene Schwartz
Fort Lee, NJ
Steve & Arlene - very long standing customers - have tried repeatedly to be the season's #1 customer. Always, something has come up to thwart their quest. Finally, this season, they left their home in NJ at 4 am (!) and drove to Abbott's where they set up their beach chairs in front of the order window. This time there was no one around & they finally laid claim to WINNER OF THE FIRST CUSTOMER RACE - 2007!

Abbotts Open for the Season Winners
And for the SHOW position - last year's winners, Vin & Judy Pesce & Craig & Janet Thomas, of Hamden, CT. These are the folks who created the novel idea of bringing along beach chairs to make the wait easier.. unfortunately for them, they were beaten at their own game this year! Better luck next year.. and many thanks for trying to win again!

I visited Abbott's in early September. While waiting in line, I made a hat out of an Abbott's menu to amuse myself. By the way, I am a huge Abbott's fan. I stop by every time im in Mystic, and suggest it to all my friends as well.

The Noank-Mystic Community Band performed an outdoor concert for the patrons of Abbott's

Bobby Flay, TV Food Network personality, autographs granddaughter Chelsea's t-shirt after taping his show here at Abbott's.

Naomi, visiting all the way from England, learns how to hypnotize a lobster.

Abbott's patrons catch a glimpse of the Mystic Whaler, an 83 foot schooner.

Abbott's visitors enjoy the king of seafood, a lobster's nickname.

Another icon of Noank, Carson's store has been around since the early 1900's.

A seagulls view of Abbott's

This 154' yacht named "Inspiration" was too big for our dock so it had to moor at the marina next door, aboard was part of the US ambassador to Ireland's family!

Diners enjoy the Argia, a replica of a 19th century coastal trading schooner.

The Lynch Family: Courtney, Debbie, Tyler & Keane
From Bridgewater, CT
Distance of 98 miles; Driving Time of 2 hours; Arrived at 5AM!!

Valerie & Victoria Ryan
West Nyack, NY

These intrepid Abbott's fans were determined to be first place winners this year. They arrived early in the morning equipped with beach chairs and blankets to ward off the morning chill. Alas, they were greeted by Steve & Arlene who already held the coveted first place position. They vow to be first next season!

Benjamin & Laura of
Merrimack, NH

My wife and I had the opportunity to enjoy your fine establishment again, our first return in 23 years! We got engaged on your deck way back when. Nothing has changed except, perhaps, the quality of your food has improved. In fact, my wife is the lobster lover. Many thanks! We hope to see you again before another 23 years pass!

Chuck, our retail sales guy, displays an 11 pound lobster.

The "flawed clawed" lobster - both sets of pincers on it function. Read more about Lobster abnormalities, click here.

Our galley manager, Teah, displays her lobster cutting skills!

Abbott's offers sheltered seating under the big tent from any inclement weather!

Ah yes! They come by every means imaginable. Here is a couple who arrived in an original 1921 Rolls-Royce.

David & Mark Hughes, here is 1980, return to Abbott's often despite the long distance!

The Hughes' Brothers, David now of Switzerland & Mark now of Texas, return 23 years later to dine on succulent lobster!

World Champion Lobster Eater, sitting down to enjoy a 13 pound lobster.

After 30 plus years, Abbott's famous lobster has been restored to like-new condition by Karen Roccon.

New England residents have been trapping lobsters since the 1700's, but they only used them for fertilizer until realizing they are a gourmet cuisine!